Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wonder Twin Powers... Activate

When Doug and I were young, we would often talk about having a large family.  We both have only one sibling and we both loved the idea of being surrounded by the noise, chaos, and constant love of a large family.  We exchanged our wedding vows and became husband and wife in the summer of 1998, and within 5 months we were happily expecting our first baby, or babies as it turned out!!!!  Well- we asked for it and we got it... we started our family off with a two-for-one special!!!  Our identical twin daughters were born prematurely in July of 1999.  They were very tiny, but strong and willful.  I knew as soon as I held their tiny hands in my fingers that they were going to make our lives so rich and that we were blessed to have such little miracles.   

As is the challenge of all mothers of multiples, I am always faced with huge questions about what I should do about keeping the girls' identities intact while I allow them to be twins.  I do understand that the girls are individuals, but I have learned over time that they love being together and I have decided to let them be together as much as they choose to be.  They are in the same class, they are active in the same sport, and they are pretty much inseparable.   Although they do spend most of their time together, they are VERY different girls.  

Caileigh (on left)  is our first born and she is the typical oldest child.  Caileigh is a perfectionist.  She sets her goals high and she pushes herself so hard to achieve them.  Caileigh is never satisfied with the status quo, she is always working to make things better.  Caileigh is a caretaker and she is so helpful with all of her siblings.  Caileigh is an excellent student, hardworking and eager to please.  Caileigh is sweet, but she definitely has a wicked sense of humor.  She loves to play pranks on her dad and she is really witty.  

Annie is our sweetheart.  She is naturally caring and quiet.  Annie is also as intelligent as Caileigh and they both are straight A students.  The difference is that things come pretty easily to Annie, she doesn't know why she understands things and she can't explain them- she just gets it!  She makes me laugh because she is a little clueless about common sense things, for example... when I asked her to name something made of iron, she thought for a long time and replied "an ironing board?"  Ha ha ha ha!!!  Sooooo funny!!!!  She is pleasant and a joy to be around- my sweet little Annie. 

I cannot discuss the twins without broaching their favorite thing to do.... CHEERLEADING!!!!!  

It all started when the girls were two years old.  I was flicking through the channels and I went to ESPN and the UCA All Star Nationals were on.  The twins were immediately hooked!!!!  They declared at that moment that they were going to BE cheerleaders.  They started tumbling at age 3 and they starting cheering in Kindergarten.  

Annie and Caileigh now cheer for our local Rec program and they are All Star Cheerleaders.  Last year they went to Nationals and it made me so proud that at age 11 they had accomplished a goal that they had set for themselves at such a young age.  

The twins are such good girls and they make us so proud every day!!!!  

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