Thursday, May 12, 2011

Question of the week...

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Caileigh- "I want to be a cheerleading coach and work at Tri-State" (surprise, surprise)

Annie- "I want to be a pediatrician."

Emily- "I want to be a fashion designer/artist/photographer/veterinarian.
I have no doubt that Emmy will be all of these things!!!

Harrison- "I want to be a Jedi."
(A very lucrative profession... I sure hope he isn't hanging out at Star Wars or comic book conventions dressed as Obi Wan)

And my favorite response...
Gracie- "I want to be Jane Doe*.  Her husband goes to work and makes all the money and she gets to stay home and do whatever she wants all day: cartwheels, shopping, eating cake.  She has a life like a princess.  Mom, you are more like a maid and a dad... you have to take care of too many people and you also have to work at Philadelphia in your office and type stuff and tell people what to do.  I am not working like a dad when I am older and I am going to have a maid to do all of the house stuff." 
I'm so glad that I am raising such a liberated daughter!

*name changed to protect the identity of this princess who, according to Gracie, has the perfect life.

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