Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caileigh's Poem- a must read!!!!

Just a warning- this totally made me cry, get out your tissues!!!

Where I'm From...

I am medals, both silver and gold.
From sparkly bows and trophies big and small.
I am from the kitchen that smells like homemade baked macaroni and cheese,
Roasted Chicken and yellow yummy corn.
I am from my clean and colorful bedroom,
both pink and blue and butterflies too!
Cozy bed welcoming me in.

I am from the flowers of the rainbow and trees big and tall.
From bees buzzing in my ear and ants scurrying about gathering food.
I'm from the frisky cats that greet me in the morning, loving and purring against my leg,
And the butterflies that sit gently on my shoulder and kiss me.
I'm from the green glistening grass that winks at me
And the beautiful garden that has all the plants you could ever think of.

I am from mountains of mashed potatoes,
From fresh grilled steak and Mom-Mom's scrumptious  stuffing.
I am from slippery spaghetti that falls from my fork,
Talluto's meatballs and saucy sausage.
I am from Giggie's bunny biscuits that hop into my mouth
And velvety butter that melts on my tongue.

I am from "Refuse To Fall" and "Go Caileigh!"
From "PULL!!!" "PULL!!!" and "Be Clean"
I'm from the "Smile and have fun" and the "Yes! You did it!"
I'm from the "Don't give up!" and "It's the most exciting 2 minutes and 30 seconds of your life!"
And "Go out there and be the best base you can be!"

I am from the mirror of myself, my twin, my soul
From Dashing Dad and Magnificent Mom.
I am from caring coaches that always make me do my best...
Supportive, Knowledgeable, Grateful Me!
Georgia peaches always in my heart
I am from the best friends laughing,
Hugging and smiling, having fun, love to be together.

I am from National Championships and striving to be #1
From got my tuck and nailed my layout!
I'm from the distinguished honor roll, working hard to make the grade
And the Oh, Oh, Oh Evolution, forever
I'm from the Senior Squad of SYC
And Yes! I'm a big sister... again!

I am from precious memories locked forever in my heart.
From lazy days spent digging in the sand and crazy fun road trips for seven.
I am from the one and only T-R-I-S-T-A-T-E and proud of it!
TSC, friends for life, my home away from home, favorite place to just be me!
I am from the never-ending love of my family,
wrapping me in their arms, never asking for anything in return.
All of these things, pieces of me, wound up tight like a present waiting to be opened.

Caileigh Maull (age 11)