Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh Hashbrown...

I am going to introduce you to all of our children individually, but after the morning that I have had, I think that I am going to begin my introductions with our youngest.  Our first four children were all girls and our last baby was a little boy who we named Harrison (aka Hashbrown, a named bestowed upon him by our third daughter Emily because it was her favorite thing in the world besides her new baby brother).  When Doug and I found out that we were going to have a son, I was so excited, not because I didn't want another girl, just because I was so happy that Doug would have someone to play ball with and to share everything that only a father and son can.  I had no idea what a huge impact a boy would have on all of us!  From the moment he was born, the girls and I have all been enraptured by him.  I think that we all were drawn to his funny little smile and his endearing ways- and he is quite the charmer.
I think that Hashbrown is the only child in our house that gets along naturally with all of his siblings.  The twins mother him and love to take care of him. They love to fall asleep with him curled up next to them- it is a very sweet thing to behold!  Emily loves to paint and draw with Harrison- the two of them have vivid imaginations that lead to lots of fun and messy "projects" that are left in all of their glue-filled, gloppy glory on my dining room table as a special treat for me.  And then there is Gracie... she was only 22 months old when Harrison was born and they have been best friends since the moment of his birth.  Even as a young toddler, she never showed the slightest bit of jealousy toward him.  She really connected with him from the start and they share a special bond- they are both trouble makers!!!!  I have never seen two kids get into more mischief- I think that they honestly wake up each morning trying to conceive a plan to top the high jinx of the day before. Not, that either one of them would not be a handful on their own, but the partners-in-crime truly find a way to accomplish feats that I have never dared to imagine!!!! 
Despite his impishness, Harrison is a pleasure to be around.  He always finds a way to make the people around him smile, and he has a natural humor that I find very captivating.  Just this morning I was reflecting on how much he has grown in the past few months.  I feel like he was just a tiny little bundle in my arms and, although he still likes for me to hold and snuggle him, he is a mighty four-year-old who is truly independent.  I always tease him and tell him to stop growing. He then smiles and bounces into my arms to remind me that he is still small and my little love. 
So, this morning I said to him "Hashbrown, you are getting so big!  What does Mommy always tell you? No..." 
Now, his normal response is "No growing up!", but today he said:
"No... drama?"  (Poor boy, you can tell that he is surrounded by girls all the time.)
"No curse words?"
"No playing in the toilet?"
"Harrison, no!"
Then, with a twinkle in his deep brown eyes, he jumped on my lap and said, "Oh, you mean no growing up!"
That's my boy!!!

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