Friday, May 20, 2011

The Wacky Wonderful World Of Emily

Emily... my sweet little original girl.  Emily was born just two short years after we had the twins and she was honestly the best baby I had ever seen. After having multiples, any singleton probably would have seemed like a piece of cake, but Emily was a very patient and quiet baby.  Content is the perfect word to describe her.  Emily was just happy to be alive!  This is how I always describe Emmy... she is just naturally happy and mostly easy-going.  It is not easy being the middle child in our crazy family!  Emmy has two wild younger siblings and identical older twin sisters who are not super accepting of Emily's alternative taste.

Emily is definitely an original!  She is a chameleon with her wardrobe,  a hippie-chick one day and a goth princess the next.  She doesn't ever follow the latest fashion trends, and I actually don't think that she is even aware what is in style.  She dresses like she wants to dress, she does her hair however she wants, and she doesn't listen to music or watch TV shows because they are popular.  She really takes time to listen to music and she likes music in various genres; Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffett, Def Leopard, AC/DC,  Dixie Chicks, and showtunes... she listens to everything!!!!!

Emily loves to read graphic novels, she enjoys playing instruments, and she loves to write.  Emily is also drawn to animals- something that I find fascinating.  Whenever she comes in contact with an animal, it is like there is a magnet pulling them together- a mutual attraction and instant bond that comes so naturally. She is very kind and nurturing and I get great pleasure watching her smile as she scratches a dogs belly or softly handles a newborn kitten.  The connection that she has with animals is magical to me.

Emily is as passionate about art as she is about animals.  Emily loves to paint and draw.  She will spend hours in her room drawing cartoon characters with very intricate details and writing elaborate stories about their adventures.  Emily has won a few art awards, but she honestly couldn't care less about the awards or accolades... Emmy loves the process of art.  She loves seeing her visions come to life and she creates things just for the sake of the creation, not for anyone else to see.  I have gone into her room and found stacks of pictures, each one better than the other.  They are usually crumpled up on her floor, waiting to be tossed in the trash when I decide that I can't take the mess anymore.  When I ask her why she lets her beautiful creations get ruined she just says that she was finished with them.  She has moved on to her next project.

When Emily was in Kindergarten, she had to write in her journal about what she wanted to be when she grows up.  Emily wrote, "I'd like to be mermaid or the Secretary of State", and this sums up Emily in a nutshell.  With her vast interests and her creativity, who knows what Emily will become, but I do know that it will be something GREAT!!!!

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