Friday, May 27, 2011

I didn't inhale...

My 4-year-old son Harrison, who we affectionately dubbed Hashbrown, often goes by the name Hash. This was not an intentional nickname at all, and I have tried to curb it's use, but the name Hash has held on for over 4 years now and I don't see it going anywhere.

Hashbrown and my 9-year-old Emmy were just playing a spelling game. Hash would spell something and Emmy would have to tell him if it was a real word or not. For example, he would say, "Em, how about Q-D-V, what does that spell?" And she would tell him something totally over his head about the use of vowels, and he would try a different group of letters.

After a long string of non-words, Hash said, "How about P-O-T?". Emmy jumped up and down and said, "Yes Hash!!! That's it!!! P-O-T is a word, it spells POT!!" And Hash said the words that I pray he will never utter again..."Oh my gosh, I LOVE POT!!! Pot is great!!!" OMG... I can see it already, no one is going to be allowed to hang out with him in high school because he is "That boy named Hash who loves pot!!!" Maybe I should start calling him something more socially acceptable...


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